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Origin – “A Beauty Initiative within FOCUS” 
“Origin” is a response to the call to share the Gospel with our entire lives. After personally experiencing how music transforms hearts, the FOCUS Worship Team gathered together for five days in the mountains of Colorado for a time of prayer and recording. This collaboration is part of an initiative within FOCUS to explore how beauty can inspire people to know Jesus Christ, Who is the source of all beauty. Our hope is that “Origin” inspires people to create art that allows others to encounter Christ through the power of beauty, as the Church has done through Her rich tradition of promoting the arts. 

Hear more of the story at focus.org/origin 

1. For the Beauty of the Earth (arr. by Leah Sedlacek & Shawn Williams) 
2. Come Thou Fount (feat. Shaun Garrison) 
3. I’ll Fly Away (feat. Kenny Kohlhaas) 
4. God Alone (orig. by Shaun Garrison & feat. Sarah Kroger) 
5. Help My Unbelief (orig. by JohnMarc Skoch) 
6. Be with Me (orig. by Jessy Kaufman) 
7. Consuming Fire (orig. by Shaun Garrison) 
8. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (feat. Sarah Kroger) 
9. Sing My Love/Like An Avalanche (feat. JohnMarc Skoch & Sarah Kroger) 
10. O God Beyond All Praising (feat. Sarah Kroger) 

Shaun Garrison – guitar, vocals 
Jessy Kaufman – vocals, bgv 
Leah Sedlacek – violin, bgv 
JohnMarc Skoch – guitar, vocals, bgv 
Sonny Fortunato – keyboard 
Kenny Kohlhaas – guitar, vocals 
Sarah Kroger – vocals, bgv 
James Rosenbloom – cello, banjo, mandolin 
Edwin Trahan – bass guitar 
Tom Veitch – drums, percussion 
Produced and engineered by Shawn Williams. 
Co-produced by Shaun Garrison & Leah Sedlacek. 
*bgv = background vocals
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